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Are you getting the most out of your kitchen's dishwashing equipment?

It is vital for food service operators to make savings wherever they can. A great place to start is to examine your kitchen's dishwashing equipment.

Having a fast and efficient dishwasher is paramount to the successful operation of a food service establishment. To produce clean crockery and cutlery the first time and to do so in a cost effective manner is imperative. Be sure to check that your dishwasher has the lowest possible consumption of water as this produces a flow-on effect in that it takes less chemicals to service the machine and obviously, the less water consumed the lower the water rates bill will be. In addition to this you will save on heating costs as well as you will only need to heat a small amount of water in order to  wash and rinse the glasses. Cumulative savings on chemicals, water and energy are great for any business.

Another way to save costs is to look for a dishwasher that allows for heat reclamation in that it enables the machine to recycle the energy supplied to the machine to generate water at rinse temperature.

Labour savings can be made with dishwashing by combining it with the potwashing function. Setting up an operator with a sink to do the pots would save valuable space in the dishwasher. A second way to save labour is to ensure that the crockery is pre-rinsed correctly as this, in many cases, will remove the necessity to rewash.

The last point to consider when you purchase a dishwasher for your business is the sizing of the unit. Select your machine for slightly above the average peak demand. This will allow the machine to work continuously for long periods with regular maintenance and should prevent major breakdowns.

What is certain is that as technology continues its relentless advance then we will see further reductions in both water and energy consumption, a win-win for consumers.

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Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 6 May 2015