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Aussie dogs and cats eat better than we do!

And no, we are not joking!

In light of the spate of recent food poisoning outbreaks in Australia, we felt that it was important to remind all consumers of the true state of the nation.

Whilst our pets are dining on dishes that are sourced almost wholly from within Australia, their owners are relegated to eating tinned products that have been processed in South-East Asia in factories with, let's face it, extremely dodgy hygiene standards at best.

A quick check of the pet food aisle of any supermarket in Australia will show that virtually all of the food for cats and dogs is made in Australia from ingredients that have been sourced locally.

Now take a stroll over to the aisle for we 'humans' and pretty much all of the tinned fish is sourced from overseas (if you can ascertain a destination, that is, as the labelling is often vague).

The majority of the largest selling pet food brands in Australia are owned by Mars and Nestle.

A spokeperson for Mars said that, "In regards to raw materials that we use, the majority come from Australian sources as close as possible to the factory."

The moral of this story?

If things continue to decline in Oz with regard to the standard of our imported produce and foods in general, we may all yet end up eating our pets food! (Somehow I don't think that that is what Dick Smith means by "Buy Australian!").


Source  :  The Daily Telegraph, 11 March 2015