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Become Certified in Proper Liquor Training Through an RSA Course Online

Alcohol related violence in Australia is a concerning issue. By taking a state-recognized RSA course online, staff and managers in a licensed venue will have the proper training to prevent such harm.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, alcohol related violence among young people is becoming a growing concern and challenge for all levels of government. The risk comes from overuse in social settings. Although some factors in alcohol related crime involve age, gender, predisposition of the offender and societal pressures, such as friends, the main contributor to this violence is the venue in which the alcohol is consumed. Because licensed places are a popular space for socialization and consumption, it also presents itself as being a high-risk area for excessive drinking. The environment, patrons, staff behavior and management practices all impact how much and in what form alcohol is consumed.


With a high number of violent incidents relating to alcohol in licensed areas, Australian legislation requires all employees at a licensed venue to have state-recognized certification, such as an RSA online course, in liquor handling.  Not only has this become more effective in preventing overconsumption, but it’s also a way of controlling liquor availability and decreasing social harm brought on by misuse. Staff with this form of certification can practice safe and responsible service because they are informed about alcohol, are able to assess situations and can create strategies for dealing with intoxicated customers. Alcohol related problems are prevented through appropriate enforcement, education and management in these licensed places.


Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is required in Queensland to work in a licensed establishment as well as serve and sell liquor to patrons. Other states, including South Australia, West Australia and the Northern Territory also accept an RSA online course to permit sale of alcohol in a pub or licensed restaurant. Some states, such as New South Wales and Tasmania have their own RSA certification. Victoria accepts state-approved face-to-face RSA training but it does not accept online RSA certification.


Often completed in 3-4 hours online or in a classroom, RSA training provides employees with skills for responsible liquor handling. The course covers a large amount of information, including the way alcohol interacts with the body through blood alcohol concentration, how and when to know when a person is intoxicated, the procedures involved with refusing service or sale of liquor, fines and legal obligations, how to handle difficult or unruly patrons, and how to prevent underage drinking. Other policies in creating safer licensed environments involve a heightened ability to monitor the premise, effective communication between staff, and ensuring public transport is available for patrons.


Licensed venues are the primary source for alcohol in Australia and are continuing to sprawl as a result of culture and demand. A RSA online course is recognized by the government and allows for regulation of these licensed areas. It reinforces responsible service for the patrons and staff, ensuring everyone is safe and protected from alcohol related harm. Other benefits of successful management could include an improved atmosphere and hospitality reputation, less damage or destruction to business, decreased police attendance, higher productivity and staff morale, and repeat customers. If you are interested in taking a RSA course online, enroll on our website and start working tonight.