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Foods that are considered risky to the elderly

Many foods that we would not think twice about eating can pose a much higher risk to the elderly due to the fact that their stomach acids are unable to process them as effectively as when they were younger, leading to the control of bacteria being inhibited. Once an elderly person contracts a foodborne illness it can not only be difficult to treat but also can frequently recur.

Melbourne's Langham Hotel salmonella outbreak blamed on raw egg mayonnaise

Raw egg mayonnaise has been identified as the cause of a salmonella outbreak at Melbourne's Langham Hotel which caused 130 people to become ill.

This mayonnaise was prepared onsite and was added to chicken sandwiches which were served at a high tea on July 11 which left 16 diners in hospital.

How to beef up your breakfast menu

13th August, 2015

While pork products often dominate breakfast menus, a little creativity with beef could go a long way to differentiating your business from your competitors.

A must for your business is to embrace mobile technology

Mobile apps are not only transforming the way a business within the hospitality industry is managed, but also the experience for the customer and how they interact and communicate with the business.

Catering to individual dietary requirements is mandatory for a successful hospitality business

13th August, 2015

Gone are the days when chefs would simply have to cater the occasional vegetarian walking through their door. There is a literal plethora of dietary requirements these days that almost require them to have a degree in dietetics!