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RMLV Training at CFT Queensland

If you are considering a career in the hospitality industry, or would one day like to own or manage a licensed venue, then the RMLV Training Course from CFT Queensland is the ticket to launching your career.

With a Food Handling Certificate There is Work

Endless possibilities, interaction with people from all walks of life and variety in your career await you in the food services industry. Whether in health care, tourism, hospitality or retail industries, a food handling certificate will allow you to take an active role in a food-related business.

RSA QLD Training

In Australia Responsible Service of Alcohol or RSA training is mandatory throughout the country alcohol handling RSA in Queenslandf

Learn How a Food Handling Course Will Get You into the Industry

With over 19 million cases of food poisoning and food borne illnesses each year in Australia, it is imperative that all food handlers, kitchen staff, and anyone walking into a food prep area have a food handling course certification.

A Food Safety Supervisor Course Opens Doors

If food is your passion but you don’t currently work in the industry, you should seriously consider taking a food safety supervisor course. As well, if you’re already employed in the food or hospitality industry and need a change, this course will open doors for advancement, and higher pay.