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Recall: Inghams Sweet Chilli Chicken Breast Tender

Recall: Creative Gourmet Pomegranate

Reusable food containers gain popularity

Anthony Peyton, founder of environmental consultancy GreenChip, believes businesses refusing customer’s reusable containers are likely concerned about the “grey area” of food hygiene associated with things like reusable coffee cups.

Australians are the biggest gamblers in the world

Australians love to gamble. In fact, Australians are the biggest gamblers in the world per capita, losing more than $20 billion between 2014 and 2015 to pokies, racing and sports betting.

Can you smell if food is off? If in doubt, throw it out!

"A lot of people rely on the sniff test, [but] that means nothing whatsoever," says Lydia Buchtmann from the Food Safety Information Council.

Food can look, smell and taste just fine but still contain enough food poisoning bacteria to make you very sick, Ms Buchtmann says.