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Gambling counsellor warns about online gambling websites

Julie McDermott, a Family Support counsellor, has warned that young people are in real danger of becoming trapped by online gambling due to its ready availability. It also raises the fear that problem gamblers are being caught unawares by online gambling and are waiting too long to seek help.

Successful recruitment of staff in order to create an efficient team

A key ingredient often overlooked in the creation of an efficient restaurant team is the importance of hiring for attitude rather than just their skill level.

Jamie Oliver launches global campaign for food education in schools

Jamie used his visit to Australia late last month to launch his biggest campaign ever - a global petition that encourages governments of the G20 countries to make food education in schools part of the regular school curriculum.

How to succeed in the highly competitive cafe scene

The industry report from IBISWorld titled 'Coffee Shops in Australia' sheds much light on the cafe scene in Oz, identifying trends and what it takes for a business to set itself apart from the others in today's highly competitive environment.

Australia's first frozen berry line on its way!

In light of the hepatitis A outbreak experienced in this country due to frozen berries imported from China, Victorian cider producers Rebello have announced today that they will proudly be launching the first commercial frozen berry line in Australia from locallly sourced produce.

Minimise your risk of food poisoning from eggs

As evidenced recently in QLD with two salmonella outbreaks (one at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre last month and the other at the Grocer & Grind cafe on the Gold Coast last week), if not handled or cooked properly eggs, normally asimple and nutritious part of our diet, can prove

Aussie dogs and cats eat better than we do!

And no, we are not joking!

In light of the spate of recent food poisoning outbreaks in Australia, we felt that it was important to remind all consumers of the true state of the nation.

Rare white truffle grown in Victoria

After inoculating the roots of 'host' pine trees on his Victorian farm with spores of the rare white truffle, farmer and president of the Australian Truffle Growers Association, Dr Peter Stahle, has fulfilled a seven year quest to grow Australia's first rare white truffle.