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Best practice with Responsible Service of Alcohol marshals

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) marshals are a great asset to any licensee who manages large numbers of patrons in their premises. RSA marshals have a unique responsibility to monitor patron behaviour and intoxication levels inside your venue, whilst allowing your bar staff to focus on customer service for your patrons.

Re-useable shopping bags could prevent rise in food poisoning

Multi-use bags which can carry raw meat one week and vegetables or clothing the next is a concern of many industry experts. Raw meat should never be packed into a reusable bag or with any other food, although this does not include meat packed in sealed packets that are commonly found on supermarket shelves.

Food poisoning over Christmas

Be aware of cross contamination over the Christmas and New Year period.  As highlighted on Channel 10, Studio 10 today when BBQ'ing do not put cooked meat back on the plate where there has been raw meat juice.

Simple Food Safety Tips for Retailers

Food businesses owe it to their customers to serve food that is safe. A little too obvious? You'd be surprised!  After all,  food safety standard codes have been developed to protect those consuming food purchased from or at your business premises. In further support of this, most food businesses must have a certified food safety supervisor.

Submissions sought over red meat production/processing food safety standards

The Federal Government is moving to standardise food safety requirements with regard to the red meat sector. At present existing state and territory laws may inhibit investigation of food safety matters through the entire meat supply chain.

Sydney company fined for unsafe food productions

Sunrise Meats, a food manufacturing company based in Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west, has been fined over $40,000 for a number of food and hygiene breaches following conviction and sentencing in the Downing Centre Local Court .

Should pregnant women be served more than one alcholic drink

A Sunshine Coast bartender was shocked when a six month pregnant woman requested a second alcoholic drink.  Being new to the hospitality industry he was shocked to learn that he could not refuse service.  Other staff mentioned that she sat in a smoking area and came in for His manager said that wa