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Rare white truffle grown in Victoria

After inoculating the roots of 'host' pine trees on his Victorian farm with spores of the rare white truffle, farmer and president of the Australian Truffle Growers Association, Dr Peter Stahle, has fulfilled a seven year quest to grow Australia's first rare white truffle.

The breakfast trade is the one chefs are keen to embrace

The days of boring old eggs on toast are long gone if the talented chefs that are making the breakfast and brunch trade their bread and butter in Australia these days is any indication.

CEO fourth annual cookoff for Ozharvest raises almost $900,000

Last week forty of the country's top chefs prepared meals for around 1000 disadvantaged residents of Sydney and raised almost $900,000 for the leading food rescue charity in Australia OzHarvest in the process.

Hospitality hurting due to lack of local talent and penalty rates according to Luke Mangan

Highly successful restauranteur Luke Mangan has raised concerns over the future of the health of the Australian restaurant industry, due primarily to penalty rates and a shortage of local talent.

Data sharing from councils is helping improve food safety standards

Open data sharing from city councils is encouraging cafes and restaurants to 'clean up their acts' when it comes to food safety practices according to the online review platform Yelp.

Do women make better sommeliers?

Watch the fur fly when the question is asked are women the fairer sex when it comes to tasting and selling wine?

It has long been contended that women's palates are more sensitive than mens and many of the country's leading male winemakers agree.

Jump in restaurant spending according to recent stats

Sales in the foodservice sector have shown a significant jump in recent times according to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Student rewarded with tuckshop voucher for saving toddler

Kyle Topliff, a Noosa high school student, has been rewarded with a special certificate and a $5 tuckshop voucher for rescuing a toddler who had jumped into a pool without his floaties on.

Schools are tucking into better health

Maroochydore State School students are excited about the nutritious, healthier options that are now available at their school tuckshop. With delights such as low-sugar homemade muffins, apple slinkies, vegetable wraps and juice boxes is it any wonder?

What Not To Do In the Kitchen - Food Safety at Jamie Oliver Cooking School

This short video shows a girl doing many things incorrectly that may cause food poisoning.  See if you can see them too. Click on this link to view video www.youtube.com/watch  There are also some OH&S issues.