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What are the rules for doggy bags?

It would be fair to say that they make restaurant owners uncomfortable.

Some diners see it as their right as a paying customer while others see them as a social faux pas.

So just what are the rules and regulations when it comes to doggy bags?

The hospitality industry gains new goal setting platform

igoals9, a new online coaching and goal setting platform, endeavours to increase productivity, boost employee engagement and improve performance within the hospitality sector.

The software allows employers to establish goals for a business and turn them into objectives that are specific, measurable and achievable for individual employees.

Your business needs these three people

With just over two million registered Australian businesses according to statistics from the ABS, in excess of 1.8 million of those employ fewer than five people.

If teams are built strategically, according to creative business coach Simone Milasas, size is of no issue. She asserts that a small team can be just as efficient and effective as that of a much larger organisation.

Hungry possum ate too many pastries

A bakery found an unwanted guest that had eaten its way through the packaging and many pastries.  It had eaten so many that it couldn't move.  The origin of the picture remains a mystery!!

Food Poisoning from eating Korean Sushi

Approximately 20 people have been stricken down with severe food poisoning after buying Korean Sushi.  This includes a 30 week pregnant lady. Queensland Health are invesitgating further.

Technologies that are transforming the hospitality industry

Technological advances are allowing hospitality businesses to have a more convenient, informed and valuable relationship with their customers.

7 technologies that are transforming the hospitality industry

Baristas in Melbourne launch refugee-staffed cafe

Jane and Francois Marx, Melbourne-based cafe owners, are raising funds through crowdfunding to build a cafe that provides employment and training opportunities for young refugees.

Boost your bottom line by turning tables quickly

In order to build maximum profits for your business, whether it be a restaurant, cafe, hotel or club, you need to make certain that you are getting the best return on your floor space possible.

Ticket to reducing no-shows are pre-paid guarantees

Last minute cancellations and no-shows place a significant burden on the profit margins of any venue.

Many have used the 'no booking' policy to tackle the issue but another way has gained in popularity recently ... ticketing or pre-paid payment solutions that offer a guarantee that the diner will show up for their booking.

Dining etiquette in Oz over Christmas revealed

Yumtable, a restaurant discounts website, has released the results of a new survey which show that, when it comes to eating out during the festive season, Aussies are particularly impatient.

The results of the survey indicate that 41% of diners are not prepared to wait more than 10 minutes for a table while 28% would not wait more than 15 minutes.