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The pros of serving up edible insects and adding them to your menu

The Western palate is not, admittedly, overly familiar with bugs. The idea of consuming an insect at mealtime is not something that may appeal to most but these little protein sources have gained a significant amount of attention over the past few years within the food industry.

Tips to get diners in the door this festive season

Along with hanging your tinsel and stockings, it's time to boost the bookings at your restaurant by getting a marketing strategy into place now so that your establishment is ready to feed the mob of hungry Christmas shoppers.

Hot water for restaurant owner following vegan Facebook rant

Taking to social media to criticise a vegan customer has landed the co-owner of the Tuk Tuk restaurant in the NSW Hunter Valley in hot water.

Publishing the post on the restaurant's Facebook page, Mark Clews not only critiqued the customers clothing (writing that her tie-dyed shirt was "made in a Chinese sweat shop") but also went on compare her beliefs to Nazism.

Parents night lauched at Sydney venue

Every Wednesday the upmarket Potts Point venue The Roosevelt Bar and Diner has a parents night where, for $20, they have a nanny feed and look after the children while they eat dinner in the restaurant.

Sven Almenning, owner of the venue and the Speakeasy Group, spoke of the idea coming from he and his wife's own frustrations in locating and managing babysitters for their own family.

Chef Caught in Schnitzel Fraud

Have you heard about Kobina Amponsem who in 2008 was employed as head chef at a hotel in Wollongong who has been ordered to pay over $70,000 in damages over 10,000 schnitzels? During a workplace dispute, the Federal Circuit Court uncovered a case involving tens of thousands of chicken schnitzels and hundreds of missing quiches.

Best practice with Responsible Service of Alcohol marshals

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) marshals are a great asset to any licensee who manages large numbers of patrons in their premises. RSA marshals have a unique responsibility to monitor patron behaviour and intoxication levels inside your venue, whilst allowing your bar staff to focus on customer service for your patrons.

Re-useable shopping bags could prevent rise in food poisoning

Multi-use bags which can carry raw meat one week and vegetables or clothing the next is a concern of many industry experts. Raw meat should never be packed into a reusable bag or with any other food, although this does not include meat packed in sealed packets that are commonly found on supermarket shelves.

Annual Charity Event for Homeless needs volunteer Chefs

On 3 June Sydney Homeless Connect (SHC) is set to hold its fifth annual event for the city's homeless and it needs five chefs to help out on the day.

Improving Staff Hygiene with the White Tick Programme

The founder of the Hygiene Foundation of Australia, Gus Hehme, has developed the White Tick Programme in order to safeguard hospitality staff and their customers from illness.

The programme is based on the ASKS principles of awareness, solution, knowledge and support and seeks to tackle the issue of complacency surrounding the importance of personal hygiene by educating staff.