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The Importance of taking a Food Handling Course

For the majority of individuals who cook on a regular basis, the basic knowledge of how to safely prepare foods is seemingly commonsensical. However, there are likely few kitchens that constantly meet health and safety standards that are otherwise enforced on restaurants and other food establishments.

What the Food Handling Certificate can Mean for You

Artists create their masterpieces in many different forms and mediums every day, and impress new people all the time. It’s no different for chefs around the world who create edible artwork every day, bringing pleasure to people. If food is your passion, then you need to get into hospitality, the industry that is constantly expanding.

Become Certified in Proper Liquor Training Through an RSA Course Online

Alcohol related violence in Australia is a concerning issue. By taking a state-recognized RSA course online, staff and managers in a licensed venue will have the proper training to prevent such harm.

RMLV Training Educates Managers on Responsible Supervision in a Licensed Venue

All managers who work in a licensed venue in Queensland, Australia must pass an RMLV course to manage a restaurant or bar that serves alcohol. This learning ensures each venue will have a responsible and trained associate overseeing its liquor sales and reinforcing proper service techniques.

Man Plants Syringe in Soup Can

Daniel Ferris planted a syringe in a can of butternut pumpkin soup in the hope of suing and getting a financial payout. He emailed the American headquarters of Campbells Soup to seek financial compensation and then aired his complaint to former shock jock Derryn Hinch on Melbourne radio station 3AW.

Being a Student is Hard and Going Hungry is Harder when a Queensland RSA Online is Your Meal Ticket

Being a student is time-consuming and expensive, but students don't have to go hungry when they have a Queensland RSA Online Certificate and a flexible, well-paying job.