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Giving Managers Vital Skills with RMLV Training

The sale of alcohol has some of the largest profit margins (over 70%) of any industry due to its consistent and widespread demand. It is no wonder then that establishments seek to serve liquor as part of their accumulation of capital. However, serving liquor to a population brings with it a duty to the customer and to larger society to do so with the utmost care.

How to ensure safe food during the Summer holiday season

High temperatures, fridges full to the brim, and foods that don’t normally get cooked, all make ideal conditions for food poisoning. So, how can you avoid this? The trick is to get organised and keep your focus on minimising the risks.

To ensure there is adequate room for air to circulate in your fridge, clean it out regularly make sure that it is set at 5 degs or below.

Victim of food poisoning 'I felt like I was going to die'

Mother of 5, Karen Macaulay, was rushed to hospital and hooked up to a drip for 5 days after buying a sushi lunch from a suburban food court.

"I felt like I was going to die" she says.

Mrs Macauley was only one of dozens hit by food poisoning after eating spoiled food from Sushiman Box Hill in January last year.

Useful Fact Sheet for Home based food businesses

Ever wanted to make and sell foods at the local markets, or do some home based catering, but don’t know what your requirements are with Queensland Health? They have released a useful factsheet for Home Based food businesses that may help you.

Changes in the working environment since the 1960s

50 years ago, the man of the house would work to support their family and male’s jobs generally involved physical labour. Smoking was allowed on the job and tea ladies used to take morning tea refreshments around to workers.

Since then, women have been placed on a more equal standing in the workplace and technology has produced more sedentary and mental work.

ACT passes new food laws to improve food safety

The new Food Safety Amendment Act 2011will do four key things for ACT businesses.

Parents of teens may need to undertake bar style training

  • Parents should take bar courses for teen parties - experts
  • Police say move could help quell out-of-control parties
  • Most adults "clueless" on providing safe settings for drinking

An online course for adults hosting teen parties, set up by Australian Drug Foundation, where alcohol will be served may have to undertake bartender-style training sometime in the near f

Backflip on mandatory pre-commitment has clubs breathe a sigh of relief

The federal government is re-thinking the mandatory pre-commitment scheme. The original plan, which was put forward by Andrew Wilkie, independent senator in Tasmania, had pokies being fitted with technology that would limit the gambling spending of a player by demanding they nominate the length of time they played, or how much money they would spend.

Tips for Gluten Intolerant Children

Now that school is back again for another year here are a few tips from the Coeliac Society to help make it easier for gluten free children.

You can Download a copy of our Gluten Free Catering Guide from the Coeliac Society. This is the perfect resource for your school tuckshop/canteen. Teachers may also like to have a copy of it if they are planning any class cooking.

Eating areas and Dogs.... What should be allowed?

Should pet dogs be allowed in eating areas?

Submissions on dogs being allowed in outdoor eating areas were recently called for by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).