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Tips and Tricks to Food Safety Training

Food safety training is an invaluable part of the service industry and much to everyone’s surprise, not everyone in a kitchen understands exactly what it takes for food to be stored and handled with the utmost safety.

Earning a Food Handling Certificate

A food handling certificate is worth more to a restaurant than the deep fryer and bathrooms combined. It may not seem so, but if you consider the cost of a bacterial outbreak and the cost of the spread of a deadly food borne virus, the need for competent food handling becomes much clearer.

Peter Andre's coffee shop slammed for food hygiene breaches

Peter Andre has opened a coffee shop in the UK and inspectors found dirty floors, overflowing bins and the dangerous thawing of chicken were all behind the dismal hygiene rating awarded to the Sussex cafe. and that There was also no hand-wash basin for food handlers

Don't have these Specials on Your Menu!!


To avoid offering these specials:

High standards of Food Hygiene in the kitchen are essential, so wearing professional food hygiene clothing is essential for any food handler in the catering, retail, health & community services or food processing sectors. 

Having a food sa

Annual Alcohol poll shows 66% of us don't know our standard drinks!

Gold Coast Bulletin published an article that claims that more than 75per cent of Australians believe the country has a problem with excessive drinking, according to a national poll.

The Annual Alcohol Poll, found that of the more than 1,000 people surveyed, 17 per cent view booze as the number one health threat facing the country.

Licensing Guidelines for Outside School Hours Care

Queensland Health has released a new fact sheet for the licensing guidelines for outside school hours care to advise your requirements under the Food Act 2006.

Does your OSHC require a food business license?

An OHSC provider must be licensed with its relevant local government if it:

Victoria Food Poisoning Outbreaks

A recent investigation by The Herakd Sun has found that Victorian councils and the Health Department are routinely failing to alert the public to unhygienic food outlets.