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Boost your bottom line by turning tables quickly

In order to build maximum profits for your business, whether it be a restaurant, cafe, hotel or club, you need to make certain that you are getting the best return on your floor space possible.

It is imperative to have a layout that is well organised, your staff must be trained to become more efficient and provide better customer service as small changes can have a huge impact on what your business earns. Taking the time to review ways to improve your business should be worth your while.

Many businesses make the mistake of filling the room with tables of four rather than providing enough tables for two. It is important to refer back to previous reservations or look at point of sale reports to analyse the group sizes that you are most likely to attract. Matching your seating plan and layout to this will optimise your sales.


Turn tables quickly to boost your bottom line

Many diners complain of slow service that leaves them waiting for long periods of time and unlikely to return to your establishment. Ensure that your staff are offering quick and efficient service.

It may sound simple, but so many eateries complicate their menus. When a menu is easy to read and meals simple to locate, then logically they will order faster and your turnaround time for tables will improve. Your staff's ability also to make recommendations will help to speed up service. Every staff member should know each item on the menu along with any specials that may be on offer. Advising indecisive customers of what dishes are most popular or their own personal favourites on the menu can assist them in making their final decision more quickly.


Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 5 January 2015