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Busted Kitchen Myths

We've all heard of the below myths... but how much of them are true? Read below to find out!

'Once mushrooms have been picked, they will still grow'

TRUE - Dr Noel Arrold, a microbiologist and founder of Li-Sun Exotic Mushrooms in Bowral said that compared to most produce, they can still grow for up to four days. He also says that to void condensation and spoilage of varieties such as button and field mushrooms, store them in a paper bag.

'Adding salt to boiling water will cook food faster'

TRUE - However, to raise the boiling point by only one degree Celcius, you have to raise the water to the same salinity of the ocean. (roughly 30 grams in one litre of water).

'You should discard mussels that stay closed after cooking'

FALSE -To check if mussels are still edible, pry them open with a blunt knife. If they are no good, then they will have a distinctly 'off' smell.

'Fresh eggs will sink in cold water, where bad (off) eggs will float'

TRUE - But to raise the boiling point by one degree, you will hve to raise the salt to the salinity of the ocean (appx 30 grams of salt per one litre.)

'Coffee will stay fresh longer if stored in the freezer'

FALSE - Coffee is best sotred in a dark, cool place either vacuumed packed or in an airtight container. Freezing coffee will affect the estential oils of the beans.

All alcohol burns off when you cook with wine or spirits

FALSE - Some alcohol will remain, regardless of how you cook it.

'Adding olive oil to water when cooking pasta will stop the pasta from sticking'
FALSE - The boiling water will keep the water moving, this will stop the pasta from sticking, not oil.

'Placing a spoon in the neck of an open champagne bottle helps the wine stay bubbly'
FALSE - Numerous studies have been conducted and it has been concluded that the effect the spoon has on the champagne is non-existent.

'You should only flip your steak once while cooking'
ON THE FENCE - What's your opinion on this one?

'Store a ripe banana with other fruit to help it ripen faster'

TRUE - The banana emits ethylene gas as it ripens.

'To seal in the juices of meat, you have to sear it'
FALSE - Searing the meat browns the surface and adds new flavours, but doesn't 'seal' in the juices.

From: Brisbane Times 22nd May 2012