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Canberra Eateries Must Lift Hygiene Standards

Eateries in Canberra are being warned to dramatically lift their hygiene standards after 163 were issued with improvement notices in the second half of 2013.

Health food safety officers from the ACT inspected 810 restaurants, cafes and food stalls, of which 20% received the improvement notices for not complying with food safety standards. This is up an alarming 11% from the same period in 2012.

ACT chief health officer Dr Paul Kelly says that the large number of inspections was in direct response to complaints from members of the public or outbreaks of infectious diseases. He did stress however that only one prohibition notice was issued and that, "I think it's time we start to think about how we reward those businesses for doing the right thing, acknowledging that most of the businesses in Canberra are at an excellent standard."


From  :  ABC News, January 23, 2014