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Change Careers and Take the RSA Course Online

Are you bored with life, or with your current job or career? Have you ever thought about working in the hospitality industry and completing the RSA course online? This industry is growing rapidly and it is one of the few places you can work in a fast paced environment and meet lots of different people. It’s almost like not work at all. This industry is open to workers of all ages, but tends to appeal more to the younger crowd. By working in a pub, hotel, or restaurant, servers get to learn about different cultures while they meet guests from around the world, or across the country. However, as with the majority of professions, certification is required in the hospitality industry too, so you have to be certified to work in these areas.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Course Online

Because excessive alcohol intake is unhealthy, the men and women who serve alcohol have to be certified to make sure that patron and staffs doesn’t get hurt. An intoxicated person can injure themselves or anyone around them. As a result, the Australian Government dictates that all people taking part in the service or sale of alcohol must be complete the RSA course online or in class, depending on which state or territory you live in. The RSA course certification proves that you have completed all the training required to serve alcohol responsibly.

When you are applying for positions in pubs, clubs, and restaurants that serve alcohol have to present your certificate as proof that you have taken the RSA course online, or in person.

RSA Course Online


To become part of the exciting hospitality industry all you have to do is enroll in an online RSA course, or physically attend classes led by a certified trainer. The course differs from state to state because the regulations vary with each one. You can search the Internet to locate an RSA course online that follows the guidelines of your state. http://www.cftqld.com.au/australian-rsa-requirements

When you enrol in the RSA course online, you can work at your own pace, and complete it faster. You can also print your own certificate when you’re finished.

What the RSA Course Online Teaches You


The goal of the RSA course is to ensure that no patron’s health is harmed, or physical injury comes to them because of drinking too much alcohol. Therefore, the course covers the following:


·         How to help patrols adhere to drinking limits

·         All the laws in Australia, and locally pertaining to liquor that must be followed

·         How to be a responsible server while you’re on the job serving alcohol

·         What to look for so you can identify patrons who have had too much to drink and how to go about tactfully refusing them more alcohol.

·         How you can assist patrons who have consumed more alcohol than they can handle

·         How to identify minors who are not legally allowed to drink alcohol


Once you complete the RSA course online, you will have all the proper knowledge you need to serve liquor, and you will have the confidence to deal with situations involving intoxicated individuals. These types of situations are common in bars and restaurants, so this certification course helps you out a lot.