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Chef Caught in Schnitzel Fraud

Have you heard about Kobina Amponsem who in 2008 was employed as head chef at a hotel in Wollongong who has been ordered to pay over $70,000 in damages over 10,000 schnitzels? During a workplace dispute, the Federal Circuit Court uncovered a case involving tens of thousands of chicken schnitzels and hundreds of missing quiches. After an investigation, Amponsem stood accused by his employer of fraudulently funnelling more than 100,000 chicken schnitzels through a family business, scamming his employer and number of others out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The court found that Amponsem had been buying bulk quantities of schnitzels for approximately $1.80 each for years and then on-selling them to his employer for between $2.80 and $2.90. He neglected to tell his boss the actual price he was buying the schnitzels and that the company doing the on-selling was his wife's.

The court heard the business only realised something was wrong when they decided to audit its history of quiche and schnitzel sales after a few quiches were noticeably missing. The hotel argued that the chef misused his job to a gain a secret profit of $1 per schnitzel.

The Wollongong Local Court two years ago threw out of criminal fraud against charges Amponsem, so then earlier this year Amponsem thought here is my chance to chase his employer for outstanding wages in the Federal Circuit Court. But thankfully logic won, his case backfired, and last week Judge Nicholas Manousaridis ruled that it was actually Amponsem who owed the most money. He ordered Amponsem pay the hotel abit over $72,000 in damages.


Source: The Sydney Morning Herald 1 October 2014