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Food Safety Supervisor - Crepe Cafe

To be a Food Safety Supervisor in the Retail and Hospitality industries you need to complete two units:

  1. SITXOHS002A - Follow workplace Hygiene Procedures
  2. SITXFSA001A - Implement Food Safety Procedures

Level 1 - Follow workplace Hygiene Procedures covers personal hygiene practices apply to all personnel operating at all levels within hospitality service industries,such as kitchen hands, cooks, chefs, catering staff, food and beverage attendants, housekeeping and laundry staff, sandwich hands, café and fast food outlet cooking crew, and sales people and owner-operators of small business catering operations or retail food outlets.  Also suitable for water carriers and bulk food distribution centres.

Level 2 - Implement Food Safety Procedures is for any commercial catering and retail venues where food is stored, prepared, displayed, served and disposed of. It applies to venues that operate a permanent or temporary kitchen or smaller food preparation area, including restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels, attractions, events and conference venues, fast food restaurants, retail food outlets such as sandwich shops and food court outlets. Water carriers and bulk food distribution centres and It would apply to tour operators involved in the preparation and service of food at temporary sites.

Safe food handling practices are based on policies and procedures outlined in an organisation food safety program. The program and its procedures are based on the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) method.

To read more about how you will be assessed for all modes of delivery check out  pre-enrolment information

Training is available on site for groups, by correspondence or online. Group discounts available.

Participants receive two nationally recognised Statement of Attainments units SITXOHS002A and SITXFSA001A on the successful completion of these courses.  You then give a copy of your certificates to your local council as the nominated Food Safety Supervisor.

Price: $170.00