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If you want to serve or sell alcohol, you need an Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate. What CFTQLD offers is a quick, easy way to obtain your RSA certificate. Their RSA Online QLD course is unlike any other on the web. With this course, a participant is able to enroll in it today and be certified to work before the day’s end. That’s right – put yourself to work immediately with the RSA Online QLD course. With expert trainers on standby in case any students have any inquiries, the course is completed in its’ entirety online.

The RSA Online QLD course offers students to opportunity to enroll, complete, and have a certificate ready to print in three hours or less.

Whether it’s a restaurant, a bar, or a gaming venue – they got you covered at CFTQLD. All their online courses are compatible with iPad/Mac/PC/Tablet technologies, ensuring that the course can be completed from anywhere, any time. The RSA Online QLD course allows students to study at their own pace and complete the program according to their own schedule. How to acquire your RSA Online QLD .pdf file is easy. Visit their web site, enroll, and study.

The RSA Online QLD course is one of many that CFT QLD offers. As one of Australia’s largest online RSA, RSG, and food safety training providers, CFT QLD puts its’ focus outstanding customer service while adhering to a philosophy of providing clear, concise information that is delivered to the student in a unique and enjoyable way. The RSA Online QLD course is affordable, easy to understand, and in tandem with other courses offered by CFT QLD, has resulted in the certification of over 50,000 individuals throughout Australia.

Business owners in the Liquor, Gaming, and Hospitality sectors know that with an RSA Online QLD certificate, they’re getting an employee with the skills and knowledge to safely deliver quality products to their customers.

What the RSA Online QLD course encompasses is widely varied. A student will be able to understand their obligations under the law, how to identify customers to whom alcohol service may be refused, how to responsibly assist customers to drink within appropriate limits, how to assist alcohol affected customers, as well as how to refuse service to customers in a professional manner. Within three hours, the RSA Online QLD course turns a student into an expert. Upon completion of the course, a PDF file of your certificate available for you to immediately download and print off at your own leisure.

Most employers will not consider hiring an applicant without a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. This is not only a legal requirement but is used to ensure the safety of employees and those around them. Instead of having to invest time in a two- or three-day course, which can also be quite expensive, the RSA Online QLD course allows you to get it all done at home whenever is convenient for you.

Visit the CFTQLD website for more information on their RSA Online QLD course and enroll today.