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Consumer Safety Guide

Dangers come in many different forms. Dangers such as a fire in the house or from strangers are things that are visible and can be easily combated or prevented. However, some of the more dangerous situations involve dangers that are hidden. One of biggest problems is the way that our food is handled, both in the home and outside the home. Cross-contamination and personal hygiene and problems with mishandling food have been known to cause sickness and illness in people.
Germs can spread by shaking hands, or via door knobs, hand rails, shopping trolleys. Colds, viruses and germs that cause flu or diarrhea are frequently transmitted through indirect contact. You cannot always see or smell food poisoning.
For further information, check out some of the links which has information for restaurants, in the home, food borne illness. This site was recommended by Sarah from W.B. Goodwin Community Center.
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