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The Correct Way to Store your Food

Once you purchase your food from the grocery store or fresh food market and take it home or to your place of work what should you do with it?

Following is a list of hints that will help keep your food safe :

  1. Never leave groceries in the car for any extended period of time. The temperature of the food and the time that it remains at that temperature is critical to food safety. It is advisable to take a cooler with you.
  2. Always store raw meat in containers on the lowest shelf in the fridge. This will prevent juices from coming into contact with or dripping onto cooked foods or foods that will be eaten raw such as salad ingredients or fruit.
  3. All high risk foods should be stored chilled (below 5 degrees celsius) or piping hot (above 60 degrees celsius).
  4. The temperature of your fridge must always be below 5 degrees celsius. It pays to invest in a fridge thermometer.
  5. If you need to cool down hot food, place it in the fridge once it has stopped steaming. Leaving it on the bench for extended periods is the perfect way to breed bacteria. Always divide large quantities of food into small, shallow containers for faster cooling.
  6. For maximum performance of your fridge defrost it regularly.