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Crowd funding exceeded - first fur Sydney - a Kitty Cat Cafe

Crazy cat ladies rejoice! Paris, New York, Tokyo, London … Sydney – the harbour city is about to get its very own cat café.  After exceeding their crowdfunding goal of $35,000 Catmosphere is opening in Foveaux Street Surry Hills.  Catmosphere is currently undergoing renovations to be a space themed café opening in late July 2015 opening.

Catmosphere will serve an array of drinks and food, along with the option of purring and cuddles from resident cats. An Austrian citizen Bernhard Mueller opened the first Catmosphere Space Cat Cafe in Thailand. Mueller has now partnered with The Ducky Mafia to introduce Catmosphere to Sydney, Australia and will draw inspiration from their Chiang Mai counterparts and have a crew of kitty cats available for playing, cuddling and Instagramming.

 The café has partnered with a great stray cat charity, Inner City Strays to recruit rescue cats that will love the space cat-det theme and of course the two legged company.

 In line with health and safety laws, the food and drinks will be served in a separate room from the interactive kitty space.


Source:  Hospitality Magazine 20 May 2015