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Customer liaison officers minimise gambling harm at venues

CLO's play a vital role at venues in that they are able to assist in minimising gambling-related harm. For this reason it is important for gaming venues to have customer liaison officers on-site and available to help your patrons.

In addition, having a CLO on-site enhances a venue's reputation within the local community in that it illustrates that the venue is creating a safe, socially responsible and supportive gaming environment.

The Queensland Responsible Gaming Code of Practice states that a customer liaison officer should :

  • Be available at all times during approved opening hours
  • Ensure that gambling information is displayed and provided to both customers and staff who identify themselves as having gambling-related problems and to deal with such matters with sensitivity and confidentiality
  • Provide support and training to staff so that they may provide assistance to customers that they have identified as having gambling-related problems
  • Keep accurate and up to date records of training that venue staff have attended and completed
  • Ensure that both staff and management are informed on gambling-related issues
  • Where the opportunity arises, seek to develop a network with local community groups
  • Handle all gambling-related complaints (whether referred by staff or the public) in accordance with venue procedures including advising the complainant of any outcome


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Source  :  QLD Government website