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Dining etiquette in Oz over Christmas revealed

Yumtable, a restaurant discounts website, has released the results of a new survey which show that, when it comes to eating out during the festive season, Aussies are particularly impatient.

The results of the survey indicate that 41% of diners are not prepared to wait more than 10 minutes for a table while 28% would not wait more than 15 minutes.

Yumtable's operations manager, Levi Aron, said, "It's no surprise Australians aren't prepared to wait for a restaurant table, they're spoilt for choice. We're finding that restaurants and diners alike want to avoid the dreaded walk-outs, which is why more people are using Apps like Yumtable."

The findings of the survey indicate that respondents find the following behaviours to be the most irritating ....

  • People with children who are misbehaving - 70%
  • Diners who are drunk or obnoxious - 60%
  • Diners who are arguing - 29%
  • Public displays of affection - 13%

Australians’ dining etiquette over Christmas revealed


Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 8 December 2014