existing student?

Do you need a food safety program?

Are you in the vulnerable persons industry and provide food as part of your operations?

Food businesses under the vulnerable population classification include:

  • an aged care facility
  • a facility that provides care, including palliative care, to persons with a terminal illness
  • a day hospital licensed under the Private Health Facilities Act 1999, part 6, that provides haemodilysis or cytotoxic infusion health services
  • a centre based service licensed under the Child Care Act 2002, part 2, other than a school age care service under that act
  • an approved education and care service under the Education and Care Services National Law (Queensland), other than -
    • a family day care service under that Law; or
    • an education and care service under that Law providing education and care primarily to children who attend school in the preparatory year or higher year.

So you come under one of the above...  you now need to develop a food safety program. A food safety program is a documented system that identifies the food safety hazards in the handling of food in a food business and it details the way the hazards will be controlled in that business.

So, you know if you need a food safety program, and you know what a food safety program is, but what should you be including in your food safety program?

CFT QLD offers a food safety program template to assist you in developing your food safety program.

Once you have developed your food safety program, you then need to get it accredited. To do this, contact your local council.

OK, so now your food safety program is accredited, you will need to have it audited by an approved auditor under the Act within the first 6 months of accreditation. You can find an accredited auditor on the Queensland Health Website

From: Queensland Health Fact Sheet 23