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Do your poker machines mislead players?

Aristocrat, the poker machine giant, has been accused of using a ‘deliberate’ design to mislead players about their chances of winning while working with Crown Casino to give gamblers ‘dangerous’ misinformation about their odds a court has been told.

The gambling companies are defending a case launched by former gambling addict Shonica Guy that alleges they broke consumer laws by making and presenting poker machines to mislead and deceive players.

The Federal Court yesterday heard one of Ms Guy’s favourite machines at Crown in Melbourne, ‘‘Dolphin Treasure’’, used an oversized fifth reel, uneven symbol distribution and misleading information to give players a false impression of their chances.

Peter Gray QC, representing Ms Guy, said digital poker mach­ines were designed to evoke positive memories of the old manual machines, with ticking noises as the reels spun around and visual efforts to suggest even distribution of symbols.

He said the software configuration and ‘deliberate’ design for machines such as Dolphin Treasure worked against the player as bells and lights often gave the impression of a win when a player was actually losing money.

He said the ‘‘return to player’’ declaration on Dolphin Treasure gave players the impression they could walk away with 87 per cent of what they wagered. In fact it was a theoretical statement of what the machine could be expected to return over its lifetime.

Ms Guy said poker machines had taken over her life and she wanted to stop other people developing gambling addictions as she had.


Source  :  The ABC, 12 September 2017