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Don't have these Specials on Your Menu!!


To avoid offering these specials:

High standards of Food Hygiene in the kitchen are essential, so wearing professional food hygiene clothing is essential for any food handler in the catering, retail, health & community services or food processing sectors. 

Having a food safety certificate is proof that you comply with food hygiene regulations, but it also requires the food handler to maintain and upkeep their personal levels of hygiene. Remember any establishment that serves food must have a qualified food safety supervisor.

Are you aware that an Environment Health Officers (EHO) can visit any food premises, be it a restaurant, pub, takeaway, or cafe to assess the standards of food hygiene and cleanliness without prior warning?

EHO’s may talk to staff to see if they understand how they should be preparing and storing food and the reasons why.  The law says that all food handlers must have skills and knowledge to do their job.

In some Councils in NSW and Qld there is a food inspection risk rating that is converted into a star rating, and this is made public knowledge by appearing on local council websites. This is called the ‘Scores on the Doors’ scheme which means food businesses can proudly display their food hygiene score following an inspection.  The idea is to push up the standards of food hygiene and safety and allow food businesses with high standards to effectively advertise this to consumers.  The better the performance, the higher the star rating will be (out of 5).

To read more about Scores on Doors in NSW http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/consumers/other-food-topics/scores-on-doors/

To read more about Scores on Doors in both Logan and Brisbane http://www.foodsafety.edu.au/news/2010/04/scores-on-doors-schemes/