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The emergence and importance of Queensland RSA online training

The regulations on how to safely and conscientiously serve alcohol vary between countries and even between regions. Establishments in Queensland that are licensed to serve alcoholic beverages have a duty to the citizens of that region to make sure that regulations ensuring the safety of everybody in the establishment are followed. In order for this to happen, all members of staff that are involved in the service of liquor must be aware of all associated regulations and responsibilities. Keeping in mind that individuals lead busy lives, the liquor safety boards have made it much easier to attain this knowledge by making responsible serving of alcohol (RSA) courses available online. Queensland RSA online courses increase the accessibility of information needed for staff to be aware of proper service of alcohol procedures and regulations.

The overconsumption of alcohol has both short-term and long-term negative effects on people’s health and the health and safety of those around them. Although most Australians are aware of the basic health and social concerns associated with the overconsumption of alcohol, the extent to which the average individual will seek further information is limited. There are countless resources that any individual may access in order to learn liquor service regulations and procedures, but in reality most would not take advantage of these resources without further incentive. This is why as of January 2009 any individual working with liquor in a licensed Queensland establishment is required by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) to obtain a certificate indicating completion of RSA training. In order to ensure the safety of consumers and staff in these establishments, all staff members involved in the service or supply of alcohol are required to complete this training within 30 days of employment. The Queensland RSA online course should only take roughly 4 hours to complete. It is imperative, however, to choose a website whose training program has been approved by the OLGR; otherwise any certificate obtained is not legally valid, and the establishment risks substantial fines and possible closure.

Without going into too much detail as to what skills the Queensland RSA online courses teach individuals, it is an exercise in common sense and rationale that may seem simple but could mean the difference between death and survival. These courses not only teach the existing legal responsibilities and the parameters of establishment liability but also basic skills such as how to handle intoxicated individuals and how to assess whether or not service of alcohol should be ceased. Additionally, the courses offer essential information on how the body processes alcohol and what the signs of intoxication are. Beyond that, individuals will be able to understand more completely the social behaviours and environments that encourage overconsumption (such as celebratory events) so that staff members may be more cautious and aware of how much liquor they are serving.

Having a knowledgeable and conscientious staff in any establishment that serves liquor will vastly increase the safety of all consumers and staff alike. With just a basic amount of information, servers and all others associated with the service of liquor will be far more prepared to handle whatever situation they might face. Knowing the risks associated with serving liquor, any given establishment only benefits from requiring this training from their staff. Queensland RSA online training helps protect both the establishment (from liability associated with injury) and consumers from potential harm. Regional and national liquor safety regulations are there for very good reason, and the training to make staff more informed and aware helps to make Queensland liquor establishments far safer.