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An epidemic of food poisoning outbreaks

When we go out and enjoy a meal at our favourite restaurant, we are entitled to assume that the food that we are eating is safe. Authorities are struggling to remember a time when there was such a concentration of food poisoning outbreaks as there are in recent months. Alarmingly people are regularly being hospitalised with food poisoning or at the very least are becoming violently illl in their homes after eating out.

Scientists fear that we could be facing a new super strain of salmonella with the largest number of cases in the past few months involving eggs. It is vital that consumers realise that both the shell and the egg itself may carry salmonella. For this reason, if an egg is cracked the advice is simple - throw it out immediately. Click here to read further information on how to eat eggs safely in Queensland Health's fact sheet "Egg Safety for Consumers."

Recently on "A Current Affair," scientists took samples of food from a number of Gold Coast restaurants and the results were nothing short of horrifying. Without realising it, many of the restaurants were serving up multiple bacteria to their patrons including salmonella without even realising. The results from these tests have enabled authorities to temporarily close premises down.

If a business receives a complaint from a patron alleging food poisoning, it is vital that it be handled appropriately. Businesses may wish to refer to the Queensland Health fact sheet What to do if a patron alleges food poisoning.

The safe handling of food has never been so vital.


Source  : A Current Affair, 7 April 2015