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Even the President is not immune from food safety violations

President Donald Trump’s Florida resort has been pulled up for food safety failings that could have, realistically,  poisoned heads of state.

Food safety inspectors found 13 violations, including improperly stored meat and fish that may have contained parasites, in January at Mr Trump's 'Winter White House', where membership costs $US200,000 a year. The number of food safety violations is a record for a resort charging the kind of fees members pay at Mar-a-Lago.

Since the inspection, Mr Trump has played host to the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and President Xi of China at the resort.

Inspectors found raw chicken, beef and pork kept at temperatures too high to be safe. Fish meant to be consumed raw had not been prepared properly to ensure it was free of parasites and staff were instructed to throw it out immediately.

Source : The Australian, 14 April 2017