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With a Food Handling Certificate There is Work

Endless possibilities, interaction with people from all walks of life and variety in your career await you in the food services industry. Whether in health care, tourism, hospitality or retail industries, a food handling certificate will allow you to take an active role in a food-related business.

 If you possess the following characteristics, a career in foods services could be a great career choice for you:

- An interest in working with patients/clients and food
- Good customer service skills

- High standards of personal hygiene and a neat appearance

- Sufficient physical strength and stamina to handle the demands and working conditions of the job

- An ability to follow directions and work as part of a team

What is the role of a food service worker?
food safety and handlingA food handling certificate will help you perform a variety of duties safely and effectively. In handling food, you would be assisting with food preparation, portioning, packaging and serving. You would be required to keep clean surfaces and equipment, assemble and disassemble food trays, and deliver and pickup food and food trays. You would also provide dining room style meal service to residents. The key characteristic: you are interacting with people, so you need to have a pleasant and helpful attitude.

A tidy and clean appearance is also necessary, as serving, preparing and handling food is the centre of your career. A food handling certificate will also educate you on how to adhere to safety, sanitation and food preparation standards. You may also be required to operate a cash register, process change for food purchases and perform customer service duties.

What is the work life like?
Where there is food there is work. Food services workers work in a variety of facilities where food is prepared and served. A food service worker is also likely to be part of a team that can include other food services workers, cooks, supervisors, managers, dieticians and others, depending on the size and type of facility. A food handing certificate helps you to be part of a team by working with others in order to ensure that the food is handled properly.

In Australia, a food handling certificate is required for anyone who works in a food service facility. Regardless of the position, anyone who stores, prepares, serves, sells, cleans or distributes food, needs to be trained in the safe and appropriate use of food. Public safety is essential and a food handling certificate offered at http://www.cftqld.com.au/food-safety-supervisor-training provides the proper education and training to reduce contamination, risk of infection and other serious health concerns.

How do you obtain a food handling certificate?
Obtaining a food handling certificate is easy, affordable and user-friendly. Some of the hospitality and food handling courses we offer include National Responsible Service of Alcohol, Food Hygiene, Food Safety Supervisor, National Responsible Gambling Service, Client Liaison Officer, RMLV training, Workplace Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator and Hotel Housekeeping Essentials.

Courses can be completed online, in your own time, in as little as three hours. Upon successful completion, you will receive a recognised food handling certificate, which will provide the qualifications to work in any food service industry in Australia. Where there is food, there is work, and a food handling certificate will assist you in obtaining work in the food industry.