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Food Safety News from around the world

Over 3,000 London Restaurants told to improve hygiene
London restaurants are ranked the lowest for hygiene and diners are being warned to ‘look before you book’. Nearly one in five London restaurants have been warned to improve their hygiene standards by inspectors.
Diners can go online to check the Food Hygiene Rating of a restaurant online before booking in. More than 15,000 have a rating ranging from 3, which means “generally satisfactory”, to 5, which is “very good”. This is under the Food Standards Agency’s Scores on the Doors scheme.
Takeaway shop closed due to Cockroach Infestation
A fast food takeaway in Harlow, England has been closed by the local Council following a series of hygiene offences - including an active cockroach infestation.
When the inspection was carried out on Thursday, October 23,  they found:
  • an active cockroach infestation noted in all areas of the premises including in food containers, including live cockroaches on food contact surfaces,
  • there was no hot water being supplied to the sinks in the food preparation area, or the wash hand basins and one of the wash hand basins was not connected to a drain,
  • a risk of cross contamination in the refrigerator, raw foods were stored directly above cooked food and ready-to-eat food presenting risks of contamination from dripping juices from the raw food onto the ready-to-eat food below
  • food preparation surfaces and equipment were visibly dirty including chopping boards, oven and microwave
  • poor temperature control with uncovered cooked chicken left cooling in the kitchen and in an oven encrusted with burnt on fat
  • staff had little understanding of food hygiene and seemed unconcerned over the conditions
The business was closed immediately by environmental health officers and was served with a hygiene emergency prohibition notice.
15 of Irelands Restaurants forced to close last month.
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) issued closure orders to food businesses across Ireland last month. Profession Alan Reilly of the FSAI warns that the legal onus is on food businesses to act responsibly and ensure that the food they serve and sell is safe to eat.
“While most food businesses follow high standards and are compliant with food safety legislation, we continue to encounter cases where consumers’ health is jeopardised through a failure to comply with food safety and hygiene requirements. These breaches are completely avoidable when food businesses have proper food safety management systems in place.”
Sharjah Restaurants to display Food Safety Certificate
Restaurants in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, will be displaying a new food safety certificate in their restaurants, which will show compliance with a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.  
The development was announced during the Dubai International Food Safety Conference on Monday.
Sharjah Municipality already awards a Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) certificate to restaurants qualifying for its Sharjah Food Safety Programme (SFSP).
HACCP is broadly defined as a management system that reduces the risk of hazards to acceptable levels throughout the food chain, from “farm to fork”.
Decaying Rat found on floor of Chinese Noodle bar in London
Food safety officers issued an emergency closure order to a Chinese noodle bar after they found was a decaying corpse of a rat on the kitchen floor during an unannounced visit.
Droppings and dirt were found on work surfaces at the restaurant, which was given a food hygiene rating of zero after the inspection earlier this year.