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A Food Safety Supervisor Course Opens Doors

If food is your passion but you don’t currently work in the industry, you should seriously consider taking a food safety supervisor course. As well, if you’re already employed in the food or hospitality industry and need a change, this course will open doors for advancement, and higher pay.

If you’re not sure what a food safety supervisor is, or how to go about becoming one, below we will answer the questions that are asked most often about what the course involves. As well as what areas of the food and hospitality industry you can work in with thefood safety supervisor course.

 What is a Food Safety Supervisor?

They are people chosen by the owner of a business who run a food establishment to make sure that safe hygiene and food handling practices are maintained.

 Duties of Staff with Food Safety Supervisor Training:


  • Be knowledgeable and have authority to supervise other employees who handle the food within an establishment.
  • Trained in identifying hazards, and taking steps to make sure the food related to the business is hazard free.
  • Completion of an accredited food safety training course for the food industry they work in.

 What are the Main Food Sectors or Industries that Require a Food Safety Supervisor Course?

 Food Processing: Food manufacturers such as packers, breweries, flour mills, canneries and bakeries.

Health and Community Services:  Hostels, childcare centres, hospitals, nursing homes, and ‘Meals on Wheels.”

Retail and Hospitality: Hotels, supermarkets, cafes, convenience stores, restaurants, grocers, takeaways, delicatessens and fast food establishments.

Transport and Distribution: Establishments like warehouses.

 Do all Food Establishments Require a Staff Member with Food Safety Supervisor Training?

 Food poisoning happens when people eat food that is potentially hazardous to their health such as seafood, sandwiches, meat, and main meals. Additionally, people with an immature or compromised immune systems have a higher risk of death or serious illness from food poisoning.

In most states food premises need a food safety supervisor. Although every food establishment that sells food is legally required to make sure it’s safe for people to eat. Regardless of its food safety supervisor training requirements.

 Does a Staff Member With the Food Safety Supervisor Course Have to be Available 24/7

A food supervisor is not required to be on the premises constantly, but reasonably available. However, they are expected to make sure that every staff member is aware of safe food handling procedures. 

Can I Change Sectors After I have my Food Safety Supervisor Course?

After your initial food supervisor training is completed you can transfer the necessary competency unit from one sector to another after being reaccredited.

To become a food safety supervisor special training is necessary to learn how to oversee and keep up a hazard free work environment.  For this reason, CFTQLD offers a food safety supervisor course that gives management the knowledge and confidence they require to provide for the safety of their staff and the public.

Everyone, staff and patrons, win when steps are taken to ensure that food is safe to eat and that supervisors have the required food safety supervisor course.