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Food Safety Training and the Benefits

If you are looking for a job in the food industry you better read this entire post to see what you need as far as food safety training is concerned.

To be a supervisor in the food industry in Australia there are two exciting mandatory courses available to ensure that everyone has food safety training.  The concept behind the required education is because no one wants to get sick, so the government came up with a way to protect both those who eat the food, and the hard working employees who prepare it.

 As well, the food safety training courses provide those working in the food industry with a clear understanding of what they and their fellow co-workers are required to do.  Making any position they choose to become employed in easier. Work is always better when there are clearly defined lines to follow, and it also cuts down on injury and illness, so the workplace is as safe as it can be.

 Who Needs Food Safety Training?

 Anyone who wants to work in the following industries: 

  • Retail and Hospitality: This includes cafes, hotels, restaurants, canteens, after school programs and retail outlets.
  • Health and Community Services: Includes jobs in nursing homes, child care centres, meals on wheels and hostels.
  • Food Processing:  Includes food product manufacturers and businesses such as breweries & wineries, flour mills, packers, and canneries.

 What Courses are required for Food Safety Training? 

  • Food Handler – Level 1
  • Food Safety Supervisor – Level 1 and 2

 If you want to find a job within the food industry it is recommended that you to obtain food safety training courses for the field you will work in. You can take all of them to open up your job possibilities, or you can only take what you need to work in the area you want. Even if you don’t want to work in the industry right now, the courses are easy to take online and look good on your Resume.

 What Food Safety Training is Needed to Work With Food?

 Food Safety Level 1: Is also called Food Handlers, Food Handling Certificate and Food Hygiene Training.

 This training is for those who want to work under supervision in a supermarket, kitchen, restaurant, cafe, school canteen, food retail outlet, or hotel.

 Food Safety Level 2:  Is for those who have already completed Level 1 and want to work as a Food Safety Supervisor.

How do you get Food Safety Training?

 This is the best part because of the various options available to take food safety training. You can take the courses by: 

  • Online training at your own pace
  • Correspondence
  • In-house for groups

 All training is designed to provide students with the requirements required nationally.

 If you want to get a job in any of the food industries discussed here, you have to get proper food safety training. To get your training today, or to look into what is required of you to enrol, you can go to our pre enrolment information for instructions on how to register with our training organisation.