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Food Safety Training in Other Countries

Australia is a country that attracts a number of people from other places, either permanently or temporarily. Many people from the United States, Canada, New Zealand and other countries come to Australia for a few months or years for school, for work, or just for the experience, and, of course, must find a job while they are there. For many people, the food service industry is the easiest way to make a living while in Australia. However, it’s important to remember that your food safety training certifications from your home country might vary slightly from expectations and regulations in Australia, so it’s important that you take food safety training that meets Australian standards before beginning work there.

It might seem odd to think that food safety training would vary from one country to the next. After all, food is either safe or it isn’t, right? This might seem like a logical line of thinking; however, there are often even slight differences in standard practices from one country to the next. Something to take into consideration is that different types of foods are popular in other countries, as are food preparation styles. Even the temperature of the country you’re in can have an impact on food safety training – in warmer countries, food storage and preparation standards might be higher in order to prevent spoilage.

Sometimes the standards themselves are essentially the same, but food safety training certificates from other countries are not recognized as a precautionary measure. In these cases, even if you know proper food handling standards, you might need to take some food safety training in the country you are in, just for the purpose of obtaining a recognized certification. This might seem like a waste of your time, but keep in mind that it is only a minor setback, and completely worth it if it means living and working in an exciting new country. If you don’t want to spend any of your time during your travels on training, you might want to look into taking some food safety training classes online before you leave for your trip. This way, you can get it over and done with before you leave. This is also a good idea because it will make it easier to find a job immediately when you get to Australia (or any other country you might be looking to live and work in). Getting your training over with before you leave on your trip will take away a significant amount of stress.

Living and working in Australia or any other country can be a fun and exciting experience. However, your ability to enjoy that experience will be significantly reduced if you are stressed out by your inability to find a good job. If you are looking to work in the food service industry, be sure that you have the correct food safety training so that you will be able to find steady employment. Ensure that you have the correct safety training for the country you will be working in by contacting us. Don’t assume your current certifications will be valid in other countries.