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A healthy menu leads to healthy profits

7th September 2015

A Survey conducted in 2014 polled more than 30,000 consumers in 60 countries and found that :

  •  Almost half of the respondents (49%) believe that they are overweight and half (50%) are attempting to lose weight.
  •  Younger consumers are more likely to pay a premium for health attributes
  • Health categories are currently growing faster than indulgent categories
  • The trend at the present is for consumers to seek fresh, natural foods with minimal processing. 

The food service industry is at the mercy of consumer trends more so than most. Business operators are constantly adjusting and tweaking their menus to ensure that they respond to the changing wants and needs of their target market.

However, health is more than a trend. It is a movement that food service operators would do well to embrace. Balance is the key to a healthy diet. Carbohydrates, lean meat and fresh fruit and vegetables all play a pivotal role in an individual’s health and should therefore be key components of any food service menu.

Nutrition manager at Meat and Livestock Australia, Veronique Droulez, says that Australians are looking for a trade-off between four things at lunch time : taste, cost, health and convenience.

“I guess the best way to think about it is, if you are a food service operator and you can provide all of those things then you will hit the jackpot.”

Droulez indicates that the ideal meal for Australians looks like this : 100g – 200g of protein, a cup of wholegrain cereals or legumes or the equivalent of two slices of wholegrain bread and at least three serves of vegetables (colour and variety are important).


Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 2 September 2015