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Healthy Serve at Breakfast sets children up for the day of learning

 It's more difficult to get out of bed in the winter, but students are encouraged to tuck-in to a bowl of hot porridge or a couple of slices of warm toast before school.  The Dietitican Association of Australia is asking parents to make breakfast "non-negotiable" for school children after research showed that three children in every classroom have not eaten breakfast and this effects their ability to concentrate and learn.

Breakfast Ideas

First, the traditional ones:


  • eggs, poached or scrambled with wholemeal toast
  • wholegrain cold cereal and reduced fact milk with fresh fruit
  • hot cereal, such as porridge or cream of wheat (try some dried fruit or nuts on top)
  • whole-grain toast, bagel, or English muffin with cheese, avocado and piece of fruit
  • yoghurt with fruit or nuts
  • reduced-fat fruit smoothie, such as a banana or strawberry smoothie

And now some weird (but yummy) ones:


  • banana dog (peanut butter, a banana, and raisins in a long whole-grain bun)
  • breakfast taco (shredded cheese on a tortilla, folded in half and microwaved; top with salsa)
  • country cottage cheese (apple butter mixed with cottage cheese)
  • fruit and cream cheese sandwich (use strawberries or other fresh fruit)
  • sandwich — grilled cheese, peanut butter and jam, or another favourite
  • leftovers (they're not just for dinner anymore!)


 Source:  The Gold Coast Bulletin 15 July 2015