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Help available at licensed venues for those feeling threatened "Ask for Angela"

A program started in England in 2016 to assist people who feel threatened in a licensed premises will be launched in Orange. It was originally aimed at people on Tinder or blind dates where one of the couple felt threatened.

Patrons will be able to approach staff at premises where alcohol is served and by saying they are ‘Asking for Angela’ will be given help to escape the situation.

Staff at licensed premises across Orange, ranging from hotels to cellar doors, will be given training in how to assist people using this statement.

Orange Liquor Accord [OLA] spokesman Brian Cook said free training sessions would be open to workers throughout the region as part of a refresher Responsible Service of Alcohol course.

“We are inviting anyone who works where alcohol is sold,” Mr Cook said. “It would be great if we could get 200, 300 or 400 people there.”

He said the scheme was introduced to some country NSW areas last year.

“We [the OLA] are taking their lead,” he said.“Angela is a codeword for ‘I’m in trouble, get me out of here’.”

Participating venues will display posters and coasters to let people know about the scheme and posters will be on the doors of toilet cubicles.

Under the guidelines staff would offer to take the person to another part of the premises away from the threatening person or organise a taxi or phone a friend to take them home. Staff may also be asked to keep watch if a person was concerned things were getting out of hand and might also decide to ask the other person to leave or call police as part of their normal workplace policy.


Source : Central Western Daily, 4th January 2018