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The hospitality industry gains new goal setting platform

igoals9, a new online coaching and goal setting platform, endeavours to increase productivity, boost employee engagement and improve performance within the hospitality sector.

The software allows employers to establish goals for a business and turn them into objectives that are specific, measurable and achievable for individual employees.

New goal setting platform designed for the hospitality industry

The programme also incorporates each member of staff's training and developmental goals, enabling companies the opportunity to have a real-time snapshot of how their employees are progressing. Con Kontroumbis, CEO of The Maze Group, says that his business has experienced significant results since integrating the platform into his business operations.

"Working with The Lean Thinking Company and using igoals9 has helped us transform our business. After three days my team was thinking and talking differently. Now we develop and mentor staff online and business outcomes have improved dramatically; employee engagement scores have gone up by 20 percentage points over a three week period and sales have increased by 30 percent in four weeks. It's made a huge difference to us and we expect business performance to continue to improve as a result."


Source  : Hospitality Magazine, 20 January 2015