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Hot water for restaurant owner following vegan Facebook rant

Taking to social media to criticise a vegan customer has landed the co-owner of the Tuk Tuk restaurant in the NSW Hunter Valley in hot water.

Publishing the post on the restaurant's Facebook page, Mark Clews not only critiqued the customers clothing (writing that her tie-dyed shirt was "made in a Chinese sweat shop") but also went on compare her beliefs to Nazism.

He questioned  the commitment of her beliefs after she opted to order a falafel burger after being told that it would be cooked on the same grill as the meat, namely cuts of lamb, pork, chicken and beef. He posted "She happily ate it anyway, guess she wasn't that vegan after all, it's a funny world."

The posts on their Facebook page attracted a lot of attention and, unfortunately for Tuk Tuk restaurant. the overwhelming majority of it was negative. Many felt that a hospitality business should not treat its customers in such a way and that it was very judgmental on their behalf.


Restaurant owner in hot water over vegan Facebook post

Obviously not knowing when he should keep his mouth shut,  Clews went on in response to the criticism to say, "But they (vegans) are so easy to mess with. They lack physical strength because of zero red meat in their diet! They are single-minded and Nazi-like in their conviction ... The worst thing from a chef's point of view is they cannot cook a vegetable to save their life."

Needless to say, the original posts and comments have been removed from the restaurant's Facebook page. One wonders though how much damage may have already been done ....



Source  : Hospitality Magazine, 13 November 2014