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How to beef up your breakfast menu

13th August, 2015

While pork products often dominate breakfast menus, a little creativity with beef could go a long way to differentiating your business from your competitors.

There appears to be a growing trend amongst chefs to broaden their breakfast menus to include beef products, as they are just as easy to prepare as pork products. It is really simply a matter of convincing your patrons to try something new.

Many feel that following trends is not the way to go, that they would like to go out on their own and try something different to keep current customers interested and attract potential new customers.

The key to 'nailing' a beefy breakfast dish is to ensure that it evokes a sense of familiarity from the customer. Dishes need to tantalise the consumer with ingredients or flavours that they remember enjoying in the past.

Adding beef to your breakfast menu not only gives your team the opportunity to capitalise on the versatility of various cuts of beef but also allows you to make your morning trade a real point of difference in what is a very competitive market.

Let's face it, that point of difference could be all it takes.


Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 12 August 2015