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How to succeed in the highly competitive cafe scene

The industry report from IBISWorld titled 'Coffee Shops in Australia' sheds much light on the cafe scene in Oz, identifying trends and what it takes for a business to set itself apart from the others in today's highly competitive environment.

"Today, coffee is considered an affordable indulgence that does not have a devastating effect on consumers' discretionary spending. The inexpensive nature of industry products has entrenched their consumption into the daily routines of consumers."

The report indicates that Aussies are moving away from large multi-national franchises in favour of independent cafes. One of the keys to success in building your customer base is good,old-fashioned word of mouth. The other is, of course, to ensure that your bread and butter, the coffee, is worth the return visit. Keeping your finger on the pulse as to the latest trends certainly helps too.

It is important to remember that not only do customers want great food and coffee they also want a memorable experience at your establishment. Be sure to give them what they want if you wish for them to return ...


Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 19 March 2015