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How to know when chicken is cooked

We've all been there … you cook your tasty chicken dish, sit down to enjoy it and cut into a still-pink piece of chook. Back to the fry pan it goes! Not only is undercooked or raw chicken unappetising it can also lead to food poisoning, not something anyone wants from a simple stir fry or schnitzel.

How to know when chicken is cooked

There are a few ways to check whether chicken is cooked or not, but there's one method which reigns supreme.

1. Use a meat thermometer

The best way of checking (literally the best way of checking) is to get a meat thermometer and put it into the chicken. The sweet (and safe) spot for cooking chicken is 75 degrees Celsius and above. If you're cooking a whole bird, the best place to be checking the temperature is by pushing it right into the thigh, under the big thigh bone where the drumstick and thigh meet.

2. Check the juices run clear

If you pierce the meat and the liquid comes out clear you've got a pretty good chance it's cooked.

3. Check the colour

Another way of seeing whether chicken is cooked is to check if the meat has become white all the way through. There's an exception however to this colour rule: some cuts of chicken can still be pink at the bone, even if it's safely cooked. From a quality point of view, if the chicken hasn't reached 82-85 degrees, then it's going to look like it's not cooked as it's going to be a little bit pink on the bone. The meat itself is safe though as long as it's reached 75 degrees.

4. Make sure you're cooking it for long enough

To really make sure the chicken is safely cooked, it is recommended holding the temperature at 75 degrees Celsius and holding it there for five minutes.


Source : Huffington Post, 24 July 2017