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How a Queensland RSA Online Course Can Make Alcohol Service Work for You

A blog about the ways in which a Queensland RSA online class can help restaurant staff turn alcohol service into a safe, fun and profitable choice.

As anyone who has worked in a licensed restaurant or other licensed venue knows, a good portion of a restaurant’s money (not to mention a good portion of tip money) comes from the service of alcohol. Many people enjoy a drink with dinner or dessert, and some people will come to a restaurant, bar or pub simply to have drinks and snacks with their friends as a way to relax and socialize. Not all restaurants choose to serve alcohol, but those that do often find it a rewarding and profitable addition to their drink and dessert menu. Despite its advantages, however, serving alcohol in a restaurant or other licensed venue can have serious drawbacks. That’s why all licensed venues must have their employees take a Queensland RSA course to help them become responsible servers of alcohol. Most people want to do the Queensland RSA course online.


 Alcohol can add many things to a restaurant’s atmosphere. The right drinks can make a restaurant classy or casual, cozy or fun, boisterously sociable or quietly upscale. All these things can make a restaurant or other venue into a huge success, but there are other things that alcohol can bring into a venue that are much less desirable. A Queensland RSA online course will familiarize servers with some of the risks of serving alcohol. Alcohol, when served and consumed irresponsibly, can tip a customer’s behavior from outgoing and sociable to loud and obnoxious. It can encourage irresponsible behavior that can lead to property damage and injuries. Perhaps worst of all, alcohol served without caution and without guidelines can lead to customers driving under the influence, a practice that is illegal and potentially deadly.


Queensland RSA online courses aim to provide servers with the tools they need to make a restaurant or other licensed venue into a fun, safe place to enjoy a drink without the risk of disruptive or dangerous behavior. Taking a course will educate servers on the drinks they will be serving, telling them how strong each drink is and how many drinks are likely to be too many. They will show restaurant staff how to spot the signs that show that a patron might be on the road to inebriation, or that their behavior might need to be dealt with before it can become a disturbance to the other guests. A Queensland RSA online course will also provide a server with tools to head off difficult or dangerous situations before they happen and to defuse these situations if it becomes necessary to do so.


Serving alcohol at any establishment is a calculated risk and not all venues choose to do it. Those that do choose to put alcoholic drinks on the menu stand to gain in clientele and in revenue, but only if they abide by all the laws that govern alcohol service and take appropriate measures to keep the drinking safe, fun and responsible. Taking a Queensland RSA online class is one way to make sure that alcoholic drinks are an asset to the environment of a restaurant, not a drawback. Sign up for a course today and learn how to create a fun, safe environment to enjoy a drink or two with friends!