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Identifying a problem gambler in your venue

The Gaming Machines Act 2001 requires responsible practices to be upheld in relation to gaming machines.

A set of problem gambling indicators has been identified by Gambling Research Australia that can be used to identify those who are experiencing issues with gambling in venues. The strongest indicators include :

  • customers asking staff for loans or credit
  • being rude to staff
  • their personal appearance visibly deteriorating
  • relatives or friends of the customer contact the venue looking for them
  • trying to hide their presence at the venue

A venue that integrates the Gambling Behaviour Checklist has been found to improve their staff's capacity to identify problem gambling behaviours, subsequently acting to minimise the harm to customers and therefore increase customer safety.

For the Gambling Behaviour Checklist visit the Gambling Research Australia website . It is found at the end of the report, Validation Study of In-venue Problem Gambler Indicators, 2014).

 CFT QLD offers provide responsible gambling services 100% online or face to face for groups, just give our office a call 1300 775 155 if you need any additional information.

Source  :  Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing NSW, 22 April 2015