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The Importance of Management and the Introduction of Mandatory RMLV Certification

Anybody that has been to a place of business, whether it is an intimate, family-run shop or a large chain of big box stores, knows how important proper management is. The proper running and managing of a business can definitely mean the difference between failure and success. Managers and owners must know how to balance the needs and wants of the consumer with the legal obligations to licensing bodies as well as satisfying employees and suppliers. Establishments that are licensed to serve alcohol have their own additional set of responsibilities that need to be satisfied. This responsibility can now be efficiently satisfied with Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) training.

The proper training of staff in licensed venues is vitally important to the proper and responsible operation of an establishment, but without proper management, it becomes incredibly difficult for staff to perform their duties safely and effectively. For example, when a situation arises that is beyond the scope of an individual staff member, it is understandably the responsibility of the supervisor or manager on site to properly assess and resolve the situation. In an ideal situation the management will have had experience and training in dealing with problem solving and customer service. However, it is now mandatory for management in Queensland to obtain the proper RMLV training, ensuring that all management has the ability to handle most alcohol-related situations.

The proper management of a licensed establishment is more than simply ensuring consumers are safe and happy; it’s also satisfying government regulations and standards. If management does not have the proper knowledge of government regulations, then they leave themselves, the staff and the business itself at risk of substantial fines or closure. Consistency in regulatory adherence is a large part of the reason for the 2009 implementation of mandatory RMLV training for management in licensed Queensland establishments. The risk of customer injury following consumption of alcohol on the premises is not to be taken lightly, as lawsuits can prove very costly, not to mention the negative effects on the reputation of an establishment. This is why managers who are properly trained in their duty of care and in personal and institutional liabilities are far more equipped to rationally deal with difficult situations. Managers who are well aware of regulations and proper conflict management are far more likely to resolve situations quickly and painlessly.

Learning the skills necessary for dealing with customers in a polite and effective manner is particularly important for management. This becomes even more pertinent when customers become rowdy or abusive. Knowing how to best handle a tense situation and resolve it without allowing harm to come to anybody is a skill that RMLV helps to cultivate. The course takes approximately 10-12 hours to complete and is offered at multiple locations. Although not all RMLV courses also offer the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate, for any Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) approved trainer, this can be arranged. It makes sense to complete both courses at the same time in order to glean the most effective training to make individuals both effective managers and responsible servers. All managers of licensed establishments must have both of these certifications and renew their certifications every three years.

Managers are a vital part of how effectively and responsibly a business is run, particularly when the service of alcohol is part and parcel of the business. Staff members acting responsibly in serving customers will not protect themselves or others from harm if the management is not properly informed or trained. Mandatory RMLV training fills this void and ensures that management has at least the basic ability to handle liquor sales and its possible negative outcomes.