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The Importance of Proper Management and RMLV Training

This blog explores the importance of proper management of licensed establishments and what skills RMLV training can provide.

Anybody who works in a group setting (aka- anybody who works for another individual or group of individuals) knows the difference between proper management and poor management. It is very likely that most Australians have worked in a situation where the management or supervision of the staff and business left much to be desired. Although it is important in all settings for the management to be professional and effective, in settings that serve alcohol to the public it is crucial. This is the reason that in Queensland it is required that approved managers and licensees of any licensed venue completes Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) training.

According to national and regional liquor laws, management must successfully complete the proper training in order to be allowed to supervise a licensed venue. This goes beyond the importance of proper supervision of staff and the efficient running of a business, it speaks to the importance of public safety. Service of liquor carries with it a certain amount of risk, and subsequently a great deal of responsibility. This is why management needs to be fully prepared to handle any queries their staff might have regarding service of alcohol, and how to handle sensitive situations with consumers. RMLV training firstly provides knowledge of licensing and liquor laws that underpin the need for training, so that management will understand and respect the need for rules and regulations surrounding the business of serving alcohol. The training will also equip management with the skills and tools to assess and resolve situations that might arise with staff and customers; they will learn to act in a way that is both legally sound and respectful to all involved.

Proper management of a licensed establishment is no easy feat; it requires a keen balance between pleasing ones patrons, respecting and appreciating staff, and upholding certain rules and standards in a firm manner. RMLV courses recognize this crucial balancing act and present solutions to many scenarios that might arise, giving management a solid base with which to work. One of the most difficult aspects to the management of an establishment serving liquor is protecting consumers from potentially harmful situations while simultaneously protecting the future of their business. With the service of alcohol come significant liabilities; should a customer be allowed to put him or herself in a dangerous situation after leaving an establishment, the management and staff of this establishment could be held responsible. If any harm comes to a patron after consuming liquor at a particular establishment, management could face hefty fines and possible loss of licensing and closure of the business.

Management is an undoubtedly crucial component to the proper and efficient running of any business or company. It is even more important when this business is licensed to serve alcohol to consumers; the moment this license exists is the moment that management is responsible for taking all necessary safety precautions to ensure no harm comes to patrons due to consumption of their product. RMLV courses and training provide the basic tools for any manager or supervisor to use to keep ones staff and patrons safe and sound.