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Improving Staff Hygiene with the White Tick Programme

The founder of the Hygiene Foundation of Australia, Gus Hehme, has developed the White Tick Programme in order to safeguard hospitality staff and their customers from illness.

The programme is based on the ASKS principles of awareness, solution, knowledge and support and seeks to tackle the issue of complacency surrounding the importance of personal hygiene by educating staff.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), hands transmit 80% of infectious diseases. As a result, the programme has an inherent focus on the products and techniques that staff can use to both wash their hands and sanitise surfaces correctly.

Businesses that particpate and embrace the programme's learnings will be given a White Tick Certificate, no doubt a drawcard for customers, that highlights their commitment to hygiene.

Nehme said that the programme would also benefit the business owners in that their staff will be less likely to become ill and take sick leave.

"A healthy work place also reduces the incidence of anything happening to customers. For a coffee shop or cafe the last thing they want is having customers becoming ill."


From : Hospitality Magazine, 25 March 2014